The Vic Town Hall is the local administration whose purpose is to govern and administer citizen interests in the town through its Area of Culture and Citizenry. It has an ongoing, systematic relationship with the associations in the city, it manages the influx and orientation of new residents of Vic and it manages the city’s cultural activities.

The University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC) is a university that sprang from citizen and regional initiative which is publicly owned and privately managed and serves the public in the areas of teaching, research and knowledge transfer in the fields it covers. Its mission is to serve as an engine of knowledge and innovation at the service of the region, yet with international outreach. In line with the institution’s strategic avenues of action, the UVic-UCC international campus has created a Support Unit for International Projects with a specific line of work targeted at Asia.

Creacció, Agència d’Emprenedoria, Innovació i Coneixement, S.L. is an agency which provides support for the development of the socio-economic community of Osona in the spheres of knowledge, research and innovation. Its mission is to help to consolidate existing companies and to promote new ones by fostering entrepreneurial activity and transversal internationalisation so that companies in the region become competitive, sustainable and oriented at the green economy.

The goals of the Nits de Cinema Oriental Association, the promoter of the “Festival Nits de Cinema Oriental” (Nights of Oriental Cinema Festival) which has been held in Vic since 2004, are to promote quality Asian cinema in the Catalan, Spanish and European markets; to support cinema with other aspects of Asian culture such as food and folklore among all audiences through dinners, exhibitions, children’s activities, musical performances, shows, round tables, etc.; to foster cohesion and social integration through the cinema and cuisine; and to generate opportunities for economic and tourist promotion.