Festival Nits de cinema oriental

The Nights of Oriental Cinema Festival has been held in the city of Vic every July for the past 11 years and its goal is to showcase Asian culture through its popular films. This view of Asia is complemented by other activities such as food and the fine and performing arts (exhibitions, workshops, martial art displays and enactments of popular stories).

The festival includes an official competition section with the “Gat de la Sort” prize awarded by popular vote. The “Gat de la Sort” (Lucky Cat) is a popular figure called Maneki Neko in Japan and Zhaocai Mao in Chinese. The films are shown in original version subtitled in Catalan or Spanish, with the exception of some children’s sessions, which are dubbed into Catalan. They are shown at the Bassa dels Hermanos, the Vigatà cinema and Espai ETC, among other venues.