Horitzó Àsia Business Workshops

The Horitzó Àsia Business Workshops were held at the Vic’s Casa Convalescència from the 16th to 18th of July 2014 as part of the Summer University at UVic-UCC. The goal was to share the commercial possibilities offered by Asia. The workshops were designed around three presentations with round tables which spotlighted different examples of Catalan businesses working with Asian countries.

The first presentation, “I like Asian Movies: Distribution of Asian Cinema”, was presented by the director of the Nights of Oriental Cinema Festival, Quim Crusellas, and the Councillor for Culture and Citizenry, Joan López. It brought together representatives of the most important distributors of Asian films in the country, including Media3 Estudio, Isaan Entertainment, A Contracorriente and Selecta Vision. Asia is the leading film producer in the world, and although there are many fans of Asian films, they have few chances of seeing these works. The round table revolved around the current status of the industry, the distribution methodologies, the existence of different platforms and the means of showing these films.

Catalonia’s commercial relationship with Asia has risen in recent years, and numerous companies have engaged in business with these countries, heedless of the crisis and encouraged by the economic surge of the Asian continent. “The New Marco Polos: Catalan Companies in Asia” was the second presentation in the workshop, featuring Josep Pujadas, president of the Osona branch of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. Representatives from the companies Aresgrup S.A. and Genebre S.A. participated in the roundtable, as did experts in Chinese markets who spoke about the numerous success stories of Catalan companies in Asia.

The last presentation, “Hong Kong: Window onto the Asian Market”, was delivered by Linda Lai, Hong Kong’s Special Representative for Economic and Commercial Affairs for the European Union, and Joan Masnou, Vice Rector of International Relations and Continuing Education at the la UVic-UCC. There were also two talks on how to do business in Hong Kong with practical advice from representatives of Invest HK and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.